Children's Hospital Colorado

Children’s Hospital Colorado Connect for School Nurses

About Children’s Colorado Connect

Children’s Colorado Connect is a web-based portal system that allows school nurses to access Children’s Hospital Colorado’s electronic health records (EHR) to do the following:

  • Securely access certain information within the health records of students who are treated at any Children’s Colorado location or by certain pediatricians who use Children’s Colorado’s EHR
  • View the student’s healthcare team members to coordinate care

What a school nurse can see in Colorado Connect

  • Chart review showing clinic, inpatient and emergency room visits
  • Medications
  • School healthcare forms
  • Orders
  • Lab results

What a school nurse will not be able to see in Colorado Connect

  • Behavioral health visits
  • Any minor consent notes
  • Protected notes from any department (both outpatient and inpatient)

Get started with Children’s Colorado Connect

Children’s Colorado allows only school nurses who are registered users to view Children’s Colorado patients’ records. To become a registered user, the school nurse must:

  • Sign a security user agreement
  • Understand and comply with all applicable state and federal privacy laws
  • Complete Connect training provided by Children’s Colorado (online videos and in-person/remote sessions)

To request access to Children’s Colorado Connect, each school district must sign a Health Information Sharing Agreement and the school health manager must contact the School Health Connect program assistant at 720-777-5843 or 720-777-8176 to begin the registration process.

Registered Children’s Colorado Connect users

If you are registered and have a username and password, you can log in to Children’s Connect here.

Log in to Colorado Connect

School nurse documents

Connect School Nurse User Guide (.pdf)

Consent Process (.pdf)

Emailing Children's Colorado Connect Consent Forms (.pdf)

School HIPAA Authorization Form - English (.pdf)

School HIPAA Authorization Form - Spanish (.pdf)

Parent Brochure - English (.pdf)

Parent Brochure- Spanish (.pdf)

School Allergy & Anaphylaxis Form

School Asthma Form

School Seizure Form

Connect User Training Videos (.pdf)

Longitudinal Plan of Care (LPOC) Report (.pdf)

Additional resources

Technical support for Colorado Connect

If you need technical support for Colorado Connect, email You can also contact the Children’s Colorado IT help desk at 720-777-4357.

“I never imagined what a true gift having Children’s Colorado Connect access is in terms of saving me time, improving the quality of care I can give to my students and feeling like a true community partner in my role as a school nurse.”
- School Nurse with Children’s Colorado Connect access