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COVID-19 Vaccine Resources for Healthcare Providers

Dr. O'Leary in a meeting

COVID-19 vaccine updates for providers

Infectious disease expert Sean O’Leary, MD, describes the mechanisms of action of COVID-19 vaccine candidates, the licensure and approval process, safety monitoring systems and reasoning behind the current plans for vaccine allocation.

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Patient giving thumbs up after getting vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccine information for parents

With COVID-19 vaccines approved for emergency use, many parents have questions about their development, testing and safety. Dr. Sean O’Leary breaks down the latest on the effort to produce a safe and effective coronavirus vaccine and why we should trust the process.

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COVID-19 vaccine resources to help address vaccine hesitancy

As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available for distribution to certain groups, healthcare providers may receive questions regarding vaccine safety. Below are several resources to help you communicate with your patients and their families about why they can trust the vaccine.

Resources for families

Charting Pediatrics podcasts about the COVID-19 vaccines

In our weekly Charting Pediatrics podcast, our pediatric experts examine the latest treatments and innovations for the delivery of pediatric medicine. Since the start of the pandemic, our pediatric experts have discussed several COVID-19 topics, including the development, dissemination and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccine Q&A video from our pediatric infectious disease expert