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Pediatric COVID-19 Clinical Pathways and Guidance

Multidisciplinary pediatric experts at Children’s Hospital Colorado have developed COVID-19-specific pathways and clinical guidance documents for providers to use in practice. Our clinical pathways assist physicians in standardizing the evaluation, diagnosis and care of pediatric patients with acute COVID-19 and related conditions, with the goal of achieving optimal outcomes. Our clinical care guidance documents include topics such as immune modulation, convalescent plasma, medication guidelines and more.

Pediatric COVID-19 clinical pathways

Use the links below to find our coronavirus treatment pathways on AgileMD. Follow the workflow online or download the pathways into electronic health record systems by Epic Systems and Cerner.

COVID-19 pediatric clinical care guidance

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) treatment (PDF documents):

The Scientific Advisory Council

Rapid-cycle review of a growing body of evidence is informing how Children’s Colorado protects team members and delivers the best possible care during the COVID-19 pandemic. A multidisciplinary team of 40 experts across Children’s Colorado have collaborated to track more than 250 new articles released daily about the 2019 novel coronavirus.

Four working groups rapidly review evidence to answer clinically and operationally relevant questions:

  • Clinical course and epidemiology: Edwin Asturias, MD, and Justin Lockwood, MD, lead this workgroup. It outlines the natural course of COVID-19 in children, with a focus on factors that predict worsening pulmonary, hematologic or immunologic status. Through improving our understanding of these factors, this group’s work guides clinicians in the timing of evaluation and management of patients throughout the phases of illness.
  • Diagnostics: Donna Curtis, MD, MPH/MSPH, leads this work group. It is reviewing the test characteristics and appropriate allocation of use of serologic and diagnostic assays to help guide decision-makers in determining appropriate use of these tests.
  • Clinical management and therapies: Juri Boguniewicz, MD, and Robert Fuhlbrigge, MD, PhD, lead this workgroup, which continues to synthesize the rapidly evolving literature on antiviral and adjuvant therapies, including anti-inflammatory medications, convalescent plasma, corticosteroids and anti-coagulation.
  • Infection control: Suchitra Rao, MD, leads this workgroup, which has focused on improving the safety of providers in various clinical settings, including during minimally invasive surgeries.

The advisory council is chaired by Marion Sills, MD, MPH, pediatric emergency medicine and Dr. Rao.

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