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Alleviating Seasonal Allergies in Children (S1:E1)

Springtime allergies can bring children back to their doctors year after year, seeking relief from the effects of pollen. While many children respond well to medication, some may need additional strategies to manage their symptoms. Other families may prefer more natural solutions. These can include lifestyle adjustments and allergy immunotherapy.

Primary care physicians should be ready to treat children struggling with seasonal allergic rhinitis and to help families manage their treatment at home to limit their pollen exposure.

Listen to our pediatric allergy expert discuss seasonal allergies in children

In today's episode, Daniel Searing, MD, talks about seasonal allergies and how pollen allergy impacts kids in the Rocky Mountain Region. He discusses the interplay between the environment and the immune system, how to best alleviate allergies through medication and lifestyle, and when to refer patients to an allergy specialist.

Dr. Searing is a pediatrician and allergist at Children's Hospital Colorado and an associate professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

In today's episode, we explore:

  • How pollen causes allergies
  • Why cottonwood trees are a major source of springtime allergies
  • How rain and humidity reduce pollen levels
  • Why Colorado's climate makes some people more susceptible to allergies
  • Why allergy symptoms can vary from year to year
  • The importance of monitoring pollen levels in the environment
  • How physicians should manage the initial approach to a child with allergy symptoms
  • Key symptoms to consider in making an allergy diagnosis
  • Why persistent treatment is more effective than chasing symptoms
  • What role the prescription drug Montelukast plays in treating allergic rhinitis
  • How patients can reduce their pollen exposure
  • Which medicines and therapies can help alleviate allergies
  • When to see a doctor for seasonal allergies
  • Immunotherapy and the two phases of a typical treatment schedule

Treating seasonal allergies at Children's Colorado

We treat children and adolescents with seasonal allergies at our Allergy and Immunology Center, where we confirm their diagnosis and provide treatment options that include symptom management and allergen immunotherapy. We're here for children who need further relief from their symptoms or hope to reduce their dependence on allergy medication.

Our multidisciplinary team works with families to address the source of the condition and find the best solutions for their child. Refer a patient to Children's Colorado.