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Applying Updated Guidelines for Pediatric Asthma Primary Care (S5:E11)

As the pandemic continues to alter our expectations for typical respiratory season patterns, it has become especially important for patients to have good control and management of their asthma.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss new guidelines for treating pediatric asthma

In this episode, we are joined by William Anderson, MD, and Monica Federico, MD, to discuss recent updates to the asthma guidelines and how to apply them to your clinical practice.

Dr. Anderson is the Director of the Multidisciplinary Asthma Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Dr. Federico is Medical Director of the Asthma Program and Clinical Alignment for the Breathing Institute at Children’s Colorado and is Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Pulmonary Medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • Recent trends in pediatric asthma exacerbations
  • What COVID precautions taught us about managing asthma
  • Updates to national treatment guidelines for pediatric asthma
  • Intermittent therapy in kids with wheezing or poorly controlled asthma
  • Role of allergy testing for asthma triggers
  • Side effects of long-term inhaled corticosteroid use
  • Philosophy for treating children with high-risk asthma
  • Sociocultural determinants of health in the asthma disease course

Treatment of asthma at Children’s Colorado

The Asthma Program at Children’s Colorado cares for more than 5,000 children each year, including more than 700 with high-risk asthma. Our pediatric specialists work with families to customize treatment plans so children with asthma can enjoy healthy, active lives.

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