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Pediatric Asthma Management (S1:E3)

Treatment options continue to evolve for managing asthma in children, from new pharmaceuticals to new technologies that monitor patient adherence. New data also suggest which patients may respond best to which type of asthma medication.

Still, treating pediatric asthma remains a challenge, particularly in very young children. Primary care physicians (PCPs) need to consider possible comorbidities, including allergies or anatomical abnormalities. If PCPs need to escalate a patient's asthma medication and aren't achieving a good response, they may need to think outside the box.

Listen to our pediatric asthma expert discuss asthma management in children

Most children who adhere to an appropriate asthma treatment plan achieve good control of their condition. If a family is unable to help their child do that, PCPs may need to help them recognize and resolve their barriers. For children having difficulty taking their medication, it can help to attach an asthma spacer to their inhaler, to make the device easier to use.

In this episode, William Anderson, MD, joins us to discuss challenges in treating asthma, the effect of asthma on pediatric patients and new treatment options.

Dr. Anderson is co-director of the multidisciplinary Asthma Program at Children's Hospital Colorado and assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

In today's episode, we discuss:

  • Common challenges for managing asthma in pediatric patients
  • Factors to consider when choosing controller medications
  • Why steroids are better suited for atopic patients
  • Teaching patients and families how to use an asthma inhaler spacer
  • How comorbidities affect asthma treatment
  • The impact of psychosocial factors on asthma
  • Working with social workers to help families overcome treatment hurdles
  • The latest treatment options for pediatric asthma
  • Overcoming the adherence barrier through technology
  • Natural solutions available to pediatric asthma patients
  • Advice for patients with pet allergies

Asthma management at Children's Colorado

At Children's Colorado, we treat children with asthma symptoms in our Asthma Program, where we provide diagnostic testing and comprehensive care through asthma education, treatment and support. Our team includes pulmonologists, allergists, respiratory therapists, a dietitian and a social worker. Refer a patient to Children's Colorado.