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Building Kindergarten Readiness Through the Imagination Library (S5:E26)

Research shows the skills children learn early in life often impact multiple aspects of their life — especially school readiness. School readiness is associated with higher levels of academic growth, decreased rates of obesity and substance abuse. Some of the school readiness that kindergarten provides includes cognitive, social, attention and self-regulation skills. Students who arrive to school without basic familiarity of letters and numbers begin their educational journey behind.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss how a primary care program is addressing disparities

In this episode, Matthew Present, MD, joins us to explore a primary care program working to close the gap in disparities that emerge before formal schooling begins.

Dr. Present is a is a PGY pediatric resident at the University of Rochester School of Medicine.

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • Observations of the challenges seen with school readiness among patients
  • The original concept and franchise model of the Imagination Library
  • Responsibilities of local affiliates implementing the program
  • Demographic characteristics of those who qualify
  • How to leverage Imagination Library for your own practice

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