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Coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19: Important Updates for Providers (S3:E36)

Coronavirus. COVID-19. It is safe to say that this virus is on the minds of people across the globe. We are seeing increased anxiety among the general public, who are seeking guidance from their healthcare providers. And many healthcare providers are looking to their regional healthcare centers and the local/national health authorities for guidance because this is an emerging, rapidly evolving situation.

In mid-February, we recorded our first episode about COVID-19 in which we covered the clinical presentation of the coronavirus in pediatrics and what providers should do if their clinical suspicion is high.

Listen to a pediatric infectious disease physician discuss the coronavirus

In this episode, we examine the current epidemiology of the virus, answer questions submitted by listeners in response to our previous COVID-19 episode and provide resources to help you stay updated. We are fortunate to have Sam Dominguez, MD, pediatric infectious disease physician at Children’s Hospital Colorado, join us in this discussion.

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • Significant recent developments on the epidemiology of COVID-19
  • Clarification on naming changes that distinguish the virus from the disease
  • Localized community spread outside of China and travel advisories
  • Local transmission of cases in the U.S. not tied to travel outside the country
  • Forecasted speed of spread to other parts of the United States and preparation measures
  • Public health strategy across the country as transmission evolves – containment and mitigation phases
  • Severity of the epidemic as it compares to recent influenza cases and past epidemics
  • Prevalence of coronavirus cases among children and the role of children in spreading the virus to adults
  • Impact on children with chronic medical conditions and preparedness as it relates to medication access and maintenance
  • Use of pre-hospital resources during this epidemic
  • Recommended levels of protection for healthcare providers when evaluating children with respiratory symptoms
  • Continued importance of hand-washing

Treatment of infectious diseases at Children's Colorado

Our pediatric experts in the Infectious Disease program at Children's Colorado provide a breadth of expertise ranging from laboratory-based research to the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases. Pediatricians can treat many infectious diseases, but when unique or different symptoms are present, it's important to refer to a pediatric specialist. We are prepared and ready to treat patients with the suspected or confirmed 2019 novel coronavirus. Our clinical staff has been specially trained on how to identify, isolate and treat patients with this and other contagious illnesses.

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