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Pediatric Mental Health: Working with the Whole Family (S6:E24)

Family-based therapy (FBT) focuses on the relationships and dynamics within a child's family to address and treat mental health challenges. It’s based on the premise that the family is a key factor in a child's mental well-being and can play a critical role in their recovery. FBT involves both the child and their family members in therapy sessions and aims to improve communication, strengthen relationships and create a supportive environment.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss family-centered care and FBT

In this episode, Julia Barnes, PhD, and William Mowle join us for a conversation on the importance of FBT and family-centered care, and how pediatric providers can refer to and promote this type of care.  

Dr. Barnes is a licensed clinical psychologist at The Pediatric Mental Health Institute and faculty co-chair for the Family Advisory Council at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and an assistant professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. 

William is the parent co-chair of the Family Advisory Council

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • An overview of the family-based therapeutic approach
  • What families can expect from their intake interview
  • Setting long-term expectations for improving mental well-being
  • Educating parents and providing a path forward
  • Challenges that parents experience
  • The role a family advisory council can play in healthcare

Pediatric mental health at Children’s Colorado 

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