Children's Hospital Colorado

The Recent Hepatitis Wave

Since late 2021, providers around the world have seen a significant uptick in pediatric hepatitis cases of unknown origin. Although medical professionals are scrambling to find answers, there seems to be a link to adenovirus infection.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss the worldwide hepatitis outbreak

In this episode, Amy Feldman, MD, joins us for a discussion on the hepatitis outbreak, including possible causes and what providers need to know.

Dr. Feldman is a pediatric gastroenterologist and Director of the Liver Transplant program at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • What’s concerning about this hepatitis outbreak
  • Clinical presentations of children with hepatitis, including cases of liver failure
  • Symptoms that should be on a parent’s radar
  • LFT and GGT assessment considerations for providers
  • How investigators found an association with adenovirus infection
  • Popular theories for the cause of acute hepatitis

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