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Vitamin D and Iron Deficiency in Babies (S4:E28)

Vitamin D deficiency often develops in childhood and is estimated to impact one in 10 U.S. children. Prolonged and untreated vitamin D deficiency can impact multiple organs and functions, but it rarely causes overt symptoms and often goes unnoticed. In the past decade, the evidence for a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and iron deficiency anemia has been accumulating.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss vitamin D and iron deficiency

In this episode, we are joined by Liliane Diab, MD, to discuss screening for iron and vitamin D deficiency.

Dr. Diab is part of the Clinical Nutrition team at Children’s Hospital Colorado and is Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • Importance of iron for brain development
  • Meeting infants’ iron needs through breast milk, formula and foods
  • Screening recommendations for iron deficiency in babies
  • Options for iron supplements and how to approach noncompliance
  • Recommendations for vitamin D supplementation in breastfed and formula-fed babies
  • Reasons to investigate vitamin D levels in babies
  • Considerations of skin color and sunscreen use for vitamin D
  • When to stop iron supplementation in an older baby

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