Children's Hospital Colorado

Medical Home for Kids with Complex Needs (S5:E27)

Patients with medical complexity have more fragile and intensive care needs that can thrive with support from their primary care provider.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss care models for children with complex needs

In this episode, David Fox, MD, joins us to discuss the role of the medical home for children with complex needs, including high-risk newborns and children with complex medical conditions. We also discuss siblings of patients with special needs and how intentional care models support the care and outcomes for these children and their families.

Dr. Fox is a pediatrician with the Special Care Clinic at Children’s Hospital Colorado and is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • An overview of the two care models at Children’s Colorado’s Special Care Clinic
  • Resources for engaging with care coordinators, family navigators and psychologists
  • Utilizing shared decision-making when multiple treatment options are available
  • Coping with grief and caring for high-risk or prematurely born infants
  • Understanding the responsibilities of a specialist as health issues evolve
  • How the pandemic has changed the management of care for children with complex needs

Special Care Clinic at Children’s Colorado

Our experts at the Special Care Clinic treat children with a variety of special healthcare needs, such as high-risk newborns, children with genetic disorders and children with developmental disabilities. We provide a medical home and support community for children with substantial healthcare needs and functional limitations who need healthcare services on a regular basis.