Children's Hospital Colorado

Resilience and Healing: The Practice of a Non-Anxious Presence (S5:E2)

It is impossible to ignore the deep, ongoing impact the COVID-19 pandemic has on every aspect of our lives. As healthcare providers who have uniquely felt these challenges because of our profession, it is imperative to take time to consider our own resiliency.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss emotional wellness

In this episode, Sylvia Klauser, PhD, joins us to discuss how practicing a non-anxious presence can be an avenue towards resilience and healing.

Dr. Klauser is the Manager of Spiritual Care and Bereavement Services at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • How to practice non-anxious presence
  • Identifying the emotional hooks that prevent us from staying present and developing boundaries
  • Advice for maintaining non-anxious presence within a data-driven system of care
  • Establishing emotional boundaries with patients and families
  • How to triage your own skillset
  • Listening to understand versus listening to correct
  • Making it through the continued stress of COVID-19 and the Delta variant

Resources for providers: