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Serving the Underserved Communities in Primary Care (S5:E31)

More than ever, the conditions in which people are born, work, and live impact health and healthcare. These social determinants of health vary across communities but exist for many Americans. And they can be difficult to bring up in a doctor’s office. But talking about them is critical for both patients and healthcare providers.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss working upstream to address health disparities

In this episode, Ilan Shapiro, MD, shares how he is working upstream to address many of the healthcare problems in Southern California.

Dr. Shapiro is the Medical Director of Health and Wellness Education and currently serves as the Chief Health Correspondent and Medical Affairs Officer at AltaMed. Dr. Shapiro has spent his entire career providing care to medically underserved populations.  

In this episode, our experts discuss:

  • The impact of the COVID pandemic on underserved populations
  • The rising value of telehealth to increase access to healthcare
  • Expanding and integrating mental health services
  • Providing culturally relevant care and resources
  • Recognizing the importance of healthcare communications to provide accurate information

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