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State-level Vaccination Advocacy (S3:E34)

Colorado’s vaccination rate for the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine among kindergarteners is 87.4%, one of the lowest in the nation. After more than 15 hours of testimony in a committee hearing on February 19, 2020, Colorado Senate Bill 163 passed its first hearing, 3-2. This bill aims to standardize and challenge vaccine exemption.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss state-level vaccination advocacy

In this special edition of Charting Pediatrics, we discuss vaccine legislation and advocacy in our local state of Colorado with Zach Zaslow, Director of Government Affairs at Children's Hospital Colorado. Specifically, we discuss Senate Bill 163, which sets a Colorado statewide immunization goal of 95%.

Zaslow directs local, state and federal policy and advocacy efforts with the goal of improving child health by being a voice for kids when and where public policy decisions are made.

Listen to pediatric experts discuss:

  • Why we have such low vaccination rates in Colorado
  • Why, from a political leve, we have made it easy for parents to opt out of vaccinations
  • The details of Senate Bill 163:
    • Healthier, safer school standard of 95% vaccination rate
    • Accurate, efficient, useful immunization data systems
    • Standardization of the exemption process
  • What parents will learn in the online module that will be required if a parent chooses to opt out of immunizations
  • The next steps for Senate Bill 63
  • How Colorado residents can get involved

Advocacy at Children’s Colorado

Child health advocacy is a core part of our hospital’s mission to care for kids. That’s why our Government Affairs team works to keep kids out of the hospital by passing laws and policies that improve kids’ health. We work with local, state and federal leaders and community partners to ensure kids grow up healthy and strong.

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