Children's Hospital Colorado

Referral and Clinical Care Guidelines

Developed by the pediatric specialists at Children's Hospital Colorado, in partnership with community physicians, these clinical care and referral guidelines provide useful information to assist referring physicians in the evaluation and management of pediatric patients. Providers may use these guidelines to help determine the best approach to the treatment of their patients, or to help determine when to refer to a specialist.

Listed below are the specialties and the guidelines currently available:

Colorado Fetal Care Center

Referral Guidelines and Contact Information


Abnormal/Involuntary Movements (.pdf)

Developmental Delay/Regression (.pdf)

Episodic Loss of Consciousness (.pdf)

Febrile Seizure (.pdf)

First Unprovoked Seizure (.pdf)


  • Clinical Care Guidelines:

Concussion Clinical Care Guidelines (.pdf)

  • Referral Guidelines:

Back Pain Referral Guidelines (.pdf)


 - Urology Referral Guidelines (.pdf)

Weight Management/Obesity

- Weight Management/Obesity Referral Guidelines (.pdf)

Updates, as well as additional specialties and diagnoses, will be added over time.