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Personalized Care for Pediatric Cancer and Blood Disorders

The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders at Children’s Hospital Colorado is a national leader in oncology, hematology and immunotherapy for kids. Through research and new groundbreaking therapies, we offer tailored care for each individual child.

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World-class expertise

Our program isn’t just ranked among the top 10 in the country— it’s also internationally recognized as a top center for rare and complex conditions. We know that diagnoses like these can be life-changing for families, and that’s why each patient receives kid-focused care from our multidisciplinary team of experts.

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Lifesaving research and trials

When kids come to our Center, they get access to the latest advancements in care and more than 300 clinical trials. That’s because here, we know that research and new treatment approaches can make all the difference in building a healthier and more hopeful future for families.

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Why second opinions matter

When seeking the right care for your child’s specific cancer or blood disorder diagnosis, you can never have enough information. Second opinions are a vital step in every health journey, providing families with peace of mind and confidence in their care plans.

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