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Relentlessly at the forefront of pediatric innovation.™

Relentlessly at the forefront of pediatric innovation.™


Genealogy catches Cole's life-threatening disease.

Cole Chavez was treated for a deadly disease long before he ever showed symptoms. Specialists at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders traced Cole's family tree to identify the point of origin, determined he was a carrier and treated his disease before it spread.

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We have a history of getting there first.

Nation's First Pediatric Liver Transplant
Newborn Screening - 1st For Cystic Fibrosis
1978 - First to Discover Toxic Shock Syndrome
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Engineering the Molecule That Fights Infant Leukemia

It's not every day that a physician scientist gets to see the results of her research translate so quickly to patient care. As a hematologist-oncologist, Dr. Kathrin Bernt identified a compound chemically built to communicate with cancerous cells to tell them to stop reproducing.

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