Children's Hospital Colorado

Research on Medical Marijuana as Treatment for Refractory Epilepsy

Neuroscience | February 22, 2016
Anyone 1 month to 20 years of age who have tried unsuccessfully to treat epilepsy with standard treatments and is thinking about using medical marijuana to treat seizures. Must not have any rapidly progressing neurodegenerative disease. Must NOT be CURRENTLY using marijuana
1 month to 20 years

Purpose of study

Children’s Hospital Colorado physicians would like to learn more about medical marijuana in children with epilepsy. If you are planning on providing medical marijuana to your child for seizures and would like to participate in a research study, please call 720-777-8608 or email

Physicians at Children's Hospital Colorado are not registered prescribers of medical marijuana and will not be providing this to you as part of this study.

Research details

You will be asked to keep a seizure diary and fill out a questionnaire.

  • The study team will ask you about the dose of medical marijuana.
  • You will be asked to provide a small amount of blood (less than a teaspoon) which will be drawn at the time your normally recommended lab work is performed.
  • Visits will occur monthly for 4 months.

Additional information