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Neurodevelopmental Research Core at Children's Hospital Colorado

The Neurodevelopmental Research Core (NDRC), located at Children's Hospital Colorado, is a collaborative effort of the Research Institute (RI) and the Colorado Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute (CCTSI). The NDRC conducts a variety of developmental, behavioral and psychological assessments for pediatric clinical research protocols. The NDRC also provides expert clinical research support during protocol development by advising on the selection of neurodevelopmental assessments.

Investigators choose the combination of NDRC services required for their research.

Our services include:

  • Administration and scoring of developmental, behavioral and psychological assessments, as well as clinical interviews
  • Advising investigators during protocol development on appropriate and feasible neurodevelopmental assessments
  • Data entry and/or completion of data capture forms (i.e. CRF’s)
  • REDCap data entry forms available for your study’s database
  • Brief Research Evaluation Summary Reports

A fee is associated with the provision of most services. To request a cost estimate, please fill out our brief NDRC Online Inquiry Form

How to use the Neurodevelopmental Research Core:

Contact us to get more information, either by completing our brief Clinical Research at Children's Hospital Colorado or by contacting Lisa Cordeiro.

Please note: COMIRB approved standard language must be included in submission of studies using any NDRC services.  Please contact Lisa Cordeiro for more information.

Contact us

Primary contacts:
Neurodevelopmental Research Core (NDRC)
Lauren Smith, M.S.
Program Manager & Psychometrist
720-777-9521 (NDRC Line)

Malinda Kohne, MA, CSP
Program Manager & Psychometrist

Secondary contact:
Greta Wilkening, Psy.D.
Children's Hospital Colorado
Neurodevelopmental Research Core (NDRC) Director

NDRC Test Library (.pdf)