Children's Hospital Colorado

CBTeX: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exercise Training in Adolescents At-Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

May 03, 2023
12 to 17 years old
COMIRB number


Our team is here to find out if taking part in a cognitive-behavioral therapy group, exercise training group, or combination of therapy and exercise training decreases stress, improves mood, increases physical activity and fitness, and decreases diabetes risk among teenagers at risk for diabetes.

If eligible, your teen may:

  • Feel a sense of belonging by participating in a 12-week group program with other teens
  • Feel happier and less stressed
  • Increase their physical fitness
  • Reduce their chance of developing Type 2 diabetes

Participant Inclusion Criteria

This study might be a good fit for your teen if they are:

  • Female
  • 12 to 17 years old
  • Have family members with diabetes or prediabetes
  • Report symptoms of depression such as feeling sad, down or grouchy
  • Are in good general health

Contact for More Information

If interested, please email or call 970-290-6734 and ask about this study.