Children's Hospital Colorado

Effect of Hormones on Frequency of Headache and Brain Structure and Function in Puberty

February 13, 2023
11 to 20 years old
COMIRB number


This research studies how hormones impact headache and how different parts of the brain talk to each other. This study may involve 2 MRI scans, which is a safe method of looking at the structure and function of the brain.

There are also 2 visits with a blood draw, questionnaires, headache interview, and physical exam.

Participants will keep a daily headache diary for 1 year.


Participant Inclusion Criteria:

  11 years to 20 years of age with or without history of headache

  Male sex, male gender identity

  Healthy (no known neurological or other disorders)

  Able to lie still for at least 30-50 minutes at a time

  Okay with being in small spaces

Contact for More Information:

If interested, please email  or call 720-777-5282 for additional information.