Children's Hospital Colorado

Mindfulness-Based intervention for Depression and Insulin Resistance in Adolescents

May 12, 2022
12-17 years old
COMIRB number


This study will look for different ways to prevent type 2 diabetes in teens. We are looking for teenage girls and boys who are:

    • 12-17 years old
    • Have at least one family member with diabetes
    • Sometimes feel stressed or depressed

There will be a total of four study visits to Children's Hospital Colorado. Two before the group program intervention and two after. During study visits, teen will do tasks like surveys and interviews, have a brief physical exam, do a test meal, perform speech and math tasks, and have tests that look at factors related to type 2 diabetes risk like levels of sugar or hormones in the body. There will be research tasks at home. Participants will be randomly assigned to one of three group programs. One program focuses on mindfulness skills. Our second program focuses on cognitive-behavioral skills to cope with stress and depression. Our third program focuses on leading a healthy lifestyle. Each group will have about five teens and two leaders. Teens will meet after school for one hour once a week for six weeks virtually. After the six weeks of group programs, participants will return to Children's Hospital for two follow up visits at the six-week mark and the one-year mark.

Contact us

For questions or if you are interested in participating, please contact Michele Chen at 970-413-4410 or