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Kidney | January 20, 2017

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An environment where ideas can flourish

The city of Denver is surging with new people relocated from around the country and the world, inspired to make their mark on a city long valued for its pioneering spirit, one ready for change. Downtown, glassy skyscrapers rise above the revamped brick enclaves of the Old West.

The same might be said of the Department of Nephrology at Children's Hospital Colorado, which Margret Bock, MD, pediatric nephrologist, describes as a microcosm of what's happening in Denver.

"Here at Children's Colorado, there is a commitment to being creative,” Dr. Bock says. "It's very refreshing. People listen to you if you come up with interesting ideas."

This fresh energy is breeding a creative environment, Dr. Bock says, unlike any she has experienced before — one that has the space, resources and commitment from leadership for new ideas to flourish.

A fresh perspective in treating pediatric kidney diseases

In the two years since the nephrology team has seen significant change in its membership, they have implemented ideas like eliminating pre-referral work-up requirements, opening clinics at several satellite locations, and partnering with local and regional pediatric nephrology programs, both clinically and academically.

And, like Denver, the team has welcomed many new people from around the country; since 2014, 15 new team members joined a solid team of veterans in treating pediatric kidney diseases. Dr. Bock joined in late 2015 when a position opened up under the new leadership of Jens Goebel, MD, then Chief of Pediatric Nephrology at Children's Colorado.

"We all work extremely well together," Dr. Bock says of her team, many of whom, like her, bring a diversity of experience from having lived, studied, and worked throughout the country and around the world. Dr. Bock herself hails from Austria, where she grew up in a bilingual household.

"Because we're all from different places, we can think about things a little differently. You learn that you don't need to be regimented in your ways. So what I find really exciting is how much opportunity there is to shape what we're doing in our area," she continues. "I feel very supported in these sorts of things. Our group in the Kidney Center is a really good example of what this hospital is like."

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