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Research on Medical Marijuana for Central Nervous System Tumors

April 11, 2016
Any brain or spinal tumor. Must NOT be using marijuana at time of enrollment
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Children's Hospital Colorado physicians would like to learn more about medical marijuana in children with brain and spine tumors. If you are planning to provide medical marijuana to your child for either treatment of his/her tumor or management of side effects of other treatment (such as radiation or chemotherapy) and would like to participate in a research study, please email

Purpose of study

The goal of the study is to evaluate whether medical marijuana use is associated with a change in the quality of life of children with brain or spine tumors.

Physicians at Children's Colorado are not registered prescribers of medical marijuana, and medical marijuana will not be provided to patients as part of participation on the study.

Research details

Procedures include:

  • Complete diaries/questionnaires to collect information about how he/she feels and what medications he/she is using before starting marijuana and at several time points while on treatment with marijuana.
  • Provide small amounts of blood at different time points in the study to test how well cells in the immune system are working and to follow how the body is breaking down the marijuana.
  • Attend clinic visits for this study, which will be coordinated with your other routine medical visits for treatment or exams. Blood samples for this study will be drawn at times your child is getting laboratory tests drawn for regular medical care whenever possible.

Contact us

Phone: 720-777-8847

Principle Investigator: Nick Foreman, MD

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