Children's Hospital Colorado

Industry Partnerships with the Center for Innovation at Children's Hospital Colorado

The vision for strategic alliances with industry is to utilize the top-tier pediatric healthcare research and delivery system at Children’s Hospital Colorado as a testbed to develop and test strategies and implement solutions for improving pediatric patient care. Our Center for Innovation is the perfect partner for innovators and industry partners who are looking to develop new tools, devices and products that will revolutionize pediatric healthcare.

Health system-industry relationships are a key component in the development and commercialization of healthcare innovations. These relationships provide for exchange of expertise between hospital systems, like Children’s Colorado, which includes investigators, clinicians and administrators, and corporations. 

Value often includes academic or health system-based intellectual property or cutting edge research in return for financial support, or access to proprietary technology and services from industry. This type of public-private collaboration is based on opportunities to develop technologies that benefit Children’s Colorado and can be brought to the marketplace for the benefit of the broader health care community.

Examples of industry collaboration include:

  • Ideation expertise: Partners can bring specific technical and patient care challenges to the Children’s Colorado Center for Innovation for solution development with our team of top clinicians and nurses with expertise spanning the entire pediatric medical continuum.
  • Testing/clinical validation: Partners can bring existing prototypes and concepts to the Center for Innovation for testing in a fully operational healthcare environment, directed at a wide range of target populations.
  • Clinical expertise: Partners can gain specific insight into how care is delivered (e.g., workflows, access, healthcare reform), and work collaboratively with a team of nationally recognized clinicians and researchers to develop solutions

We’ve positioned Children’s Hospital Colorado to be a living clinical laboratory and test-bed for new and innovative products. From medical devices to digital health technologies and beyond, we want to hear about how your products can improve the lives of children.

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