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Pediatric Nephrology Research

Our work transforms care for children with complex kidney diseases by leading the national effort to develop and implement practices that lead to the best possible outcomes for our patients.

Cash: The New Possibility of Surviving a Brainstem Ganglioglioma

Find out how Drs. Foreman and Mulcahy-Levy researched a new drug to treat a tumor in Cash’s brain.

Emily: A Safe Haven for Children with Disorders of Sex Development

A mother's journey when her child was treated for a disorder of sexual development (DSD) and the one-of-a-kind patient advocacy program her family embraced.

Mathew: How the Diagnosis of an Extra X Chromosome Helped Mathew Find Himself

Mathew has Klinefelter syndrome, or XXY, the result of an extra X chromosome that can lead to hormone deficiencies, learning delays and more.

Sara: How a New Law Helped Doctors Catch Her Heart Defect

Because of new legislature, Sara Hunziker received a pulse oximetry screening after 24 hours of being born. Find out why this test ended up saving her life.

Supporting Pediatric Mental Health Needs

Learn what we're doing to help address mental health needs and how you can help in your home and your community.

Treating the Silent Epidemic of Dental Health

Learn what we're doing to support dental health and how you can help in your home and community.

Resources from the Center for Innovation

Learn how the innovation process works and get resources from the Center for Innovation at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Garrison: "I Never Wanted to be Normal"

16-year-old Garrison Hayes was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, bone cancer, at 6 years old. Learn how he continues to race towards his dream of making it to the Paralympic Games.

Industry Partnerships with the Center for Innovation at Children's Hospital Colorado

Learn more about industry partnerships with Children’s Hospital Colorado's Center for Innovation.

Upcoming Events Hosted by the Children's Hospital Colorado Center for Innovation

See a list of upcoming events, including workshops and a speaker series, at the Children's Hospital Colorado Center for Innovation.

Children's Hospital Colorado Center for Innovation Partner Submission Form

Prospective partners must fill out this form as part of a request to partner with the Children's Hospital Colorado Center for Innovation.

Alex: How He Got a Kidney and Liver Transplant Simultaneously

Learn more about how Alex Pidkalyuk's received two transplant surgeries in one day and what a difference this made on his life.

Kiana: The Way Back to the Pool

“Career-ending” – that was Kiana’s initial diagnosis when her back spasmed so severely that her muscle protruded two inches from her left side. But, for this competitive swimmer, career-ending was not an option.

CHCO Virtual Pediatric Symposium

CHCO Virtual Pediatric Symposium

Markus: There's No Running from Cancer

A bump on Markus' knee was more than just a sign of 12-year-old boyhood. It was cancer. And with it came a question: Would he ever run again? Markus had the fight in him. And only we had the team of experts to back him up.

Caleb: Cystic Fibrosis Drug Helps him Live his Basketball Dreams

Caleb Nolan’s cystic fibrosis diagnosis was getting in the way of what he loved most: basketball. Our Breathing Institute experts lead a clinical trial of Orkambi that helped to get Caleb breathing well again. Now, he’s back on the court after “a complete 180”.

Health for the Whole Child: An Integrative Approach

Pediatric integrative health focuses on the enhancement of well-being of the whole child and uses a collaborative approach to health promotion, disease prevention, healing, and rehabilitation.

Who You’ll Meet: Your Child's Healthcare Team

Going to the doctor or staying in a hospital can be scary. Knowing who you’ll meet and who is on your healthcare team can help. See who may be caring for your child here.

Our Healthy Hospital Initiative

Learn more about the Healthy Hospital Initiative at Children’s Hospital Colorado. With a focus on whole health, we are making efforts to improve the lifestyles of our patients, families and staff.