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Severe Feeding and Swallowing Issues in Infants (S2:E37)

Learn about feeding and swallowing problems in infants, and how to help.

Treating Sinusitis in Children (S2:E38)

A discussion of sinusitis in children, including when to seek a specialist.

Hypertension in Pediatrics (S2:E36)

A discussion of numerous issues relating to pediatric hypertension.

Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology Services

Learn about the range of pediatric gynecology tests, treatments and procedures we offer.

Undescended and Retractile Testicle (S3:E2)

Learn about the differences in presentation between undescended and retractile testicle, approaches to treatment and long-term prognosis for patients.

Bariatric Surgery vs. Medical Therapy and its Effect on Diabetic Kidney Disease in Teens with Youth-Onset Type 2 Diabetes and Severe Obesity

Dr. Petter Bjornstad studies weight loss surgery in obese youth with type 2 diabetes and DKD, and leverages its effects for patients who can’t have surgery.

Bleeding Disorders in Pediatrics (S3:E1)

Listen to pediatric hematologist Tazio Nakano, MD, discuss the most common bleeding disorders in pediatrics and his approach to abnormal CBC results.


Short Stature and Growth Disorders

Learn about short stature and growth disorder symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.


Hypoglycemia in Children

Learn about pediatric hypoglycemia symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Telehealth Services Offered at Children’s Hospital Colorado

Telehealth services at Children’s Hospital Colorado include video visits, teleconferencing and other forms of telemedicine across all our pediatric specialties, clinics, hospitals, emergency departments and care teams. Learn more.


Growth Plate Injury

Growth plate injuries happen when fractures or other bone injuries affect the growth plate. Learn more about what a growth plate injury is, and how it may be diagnosed and treated here.

Pediatric Rheumatology Conditions We Treat

Children’s Hospital Colorado treats many different autoimmune conditions in kids through our Department of Pediatric Rheumatology. Read about them here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Telehealth

The same great care as an in-person visit, without the drive. Get answers to parents’ most frequently asked questions about our program.

Surgery Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Get the latest in pediatric surgery healthcare professional resources to better your practice and learn about innovations in our Center for Children’s Surgery.


Clear Cell Sarcoma of the Kidney in Children

Learn more about how we can greatly improve the prognosis for children with clear cell sarcoma of the kidney, a very are form of kidney cancer in children.

Sleep Study Evaluations

A sleep study records different sleep stages to detect problems in your child's sleep and breathing. Learn more about what to expect and what to do before your child's sleep study.

Oncology Services and Clinics for Cancer

About the nationally-ranked oncology services, clinics and cancer support programs at the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders.

The Developmental Feeding Program

Get answers to common questions about the Developmental Feeding Program, part of the Complex Congenital Heart Disease and Development Clinic.

Environmental Causes of Asthma Attacks in Children Research Study

Children's Hospital Colorado is actively seeking children and teens to participate in a research study on environmental causes of asthma. Get information on requirements, compensation and how to participate.