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Nephrology Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Get the latest in pediatric nephrology healthcare resources to better your practice and learn about innovations in our kidney programs.

Our Care Team

Meet our team of specialists that care for your child in the pediatric ICU at Children's Hospital Colorado.

The Far-Ranging Implications of Acute Kidney Injury

About one in four patients in any given ICU has acute kidney injury — and the consequences might run deeper and further than anyone suspected.

The Future of CAR-T Cell Therapy

More than anything else on the medical horizon, CAR-T cell therapy stands poised to alter cancer treatment. But it's not there yet.

Electrical Impedance Tomography for Kids with Cystic Fibrosis

There's currently no technology to measure the structure and function of the lungs, particularly in kids. At Children's Colorado, electrical impedance tomography (EIT) will change that.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Complement Immune System

When Lucy's blood pressure spiraled out of control, her complement immune system was to blame. Learn more about this complement immune system mystery and how researchers at Children's Colorado solved it.

Safe Sleep Tips for Babies (S2:E13)

Tips for helping new moms create a safe sleep environment, including SIDs prevention, co-sleeping and more.

Growing a Growth Plate

Injuries to a child's growth plate – areas of growth on a bone – can heal, but some bones may seal off from future growth. To prevent that, researchers at Children's Colorado are working on new growth plate regeneration involving stem cells.

Spasticity and Tone Management Clinic

In the Spasticity and Tone Management Clinic, pediatric experts address muscle stiffness, contractions and other complications. Spasticity management and treatment can improve quality of life exponentially for patients with traumatic brain injuries, cerebral palsy and neurological disorders.


Severe Obesity in Children

If your child has been diagnosed with severe obesity, you probably have a lot of questions. Learn more about severe obesity and the difference between overweight vs obese so you can better understand what this condition means for your child.

Keto Diet for Kids with Epilepsy: The Benefits and Risks

Touted by neurologists and celebrities, the ketogenic diet has many benefits, including seizure reduction for kids with epilepsy — but it can also be dangerous. Learn more about keto and its benefits and drawbacks for kids with epilepsy here.

Postoperative Care Pathways for Radical Nephrectomy Recovery

New research explores the best postoperative care for children recovering from radical nephrectomy for renal tumors. This study focused on radical nephrectomy recovery and which pathways were associated with the shortest time to discharge. Learn about the study here.

Addiction Prevention in Primary Care (S2:E15)

Listen in to better understand addiction prevention and opioid practices for children and teens.

Caring for Adolescents with Down Syndrome (S2:E4)

Learn about primary care for kids and adolescents with Down syndrome from Fran Hickey, MD.

Neck Mass Diagnosis and Management for Pediatricians (S1:E31)

Learn about neck masses diagnosis and management in children from Melissa Scholes, MD.

Pediatric Celiac Disease Diagnosis and Management (S1:E29)

Edwin Liu, MD, discusses celiac disease symptoms, diagnosis and more.

Nocturnal Enuresis and Bedwetting (S1:E32)

Tips for the treatment and management of nocturnal enuresis and involuntary urination in kids.

Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children (S1:E27)

Learn about the signs and symptoms of autism in children.