Children's Hospital Colorado

How We Work with Families at Children's Hospital Colorado

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For kids, a stay in the hospital can be frightening, and often they're comforted by one thing only: their families. At Children's Hospital Colorado, our staff recognizes that families are our partners in care, which is why we are committed to providing family-centered care.

We work closely with you and provide several services and resources to help make a sometimes difficult experience as easy as possible.

We are committed to excellence in caring for kids. Learn what we do to make Children’s Colorado safer for patients and families.

We have a team that’s here to help

During your stay, you may need to access some of members of our family services team:

Social Workers
Clinical social workers give emotional support to families and children in crisis or during a long hospital stay. They assist with problems associated with healthcare issues, including financial pressures. You may request the involvement of a clinical social worker at any time during your child’s stay.

Therapeutic Recreation/Child Life
The Therapeutic Recreation/Child Life program is staffed by specialists who help patients and families adjust and cope with the hospital or clinic setting, illness or injury and the treatments involved. Specialists have training in ways to use play, recreation and educational techniques to assist children and families. Therapeutic Recreation/Child Life services are available to patients at Children's Colorado at no extra charge.

Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program; Pediatric Mental Health Institute
The Ponzio Creative Arts Therapy Program provides individual, group and family services throughout Children's Colorado. As part of the program, creative arts therapists use the arts to help children work through their problems, deal with pain, and express themselves. Art, music, dance, movement and yoga become tools for communication, emotional release, and ultimately, healing.

Medical Interpreters
Children's Colorado offers interpretation services to patient families who do not speak English or who are deaf or hard of hearing. Our interpreters help ensure that families understand their child’s care and medical circumstances. Please ask your child’s nurse about this service.

Chaplain and Spiritual Care
The Spiritual Care Department and nondenominational chapel are located on the first floor off of the main lobby. Patients and families can meet with a pastor for counseling and spiritual support. They can help with difficult questions involving ethical principles, religious or cultural beliefs.

Bereavement Services
The “Colors of Healing” is a family-centered bereavement program that offers your family an opportunity to learn about the wide range of feelings and emotions associated with grief. Bereavement Services provides a variety of programs for families throughout the year.

Making your visit better

Everyone at Children's Hospital Colorado wants you to be pleased with the care that your child receives. We also want your entire family’s experience to be as pleasant as possible – which is why we have the following special programs and support in place:

Patient Advocates
Patient Advocates act as a liaison between the patient, family and hospital staff and serve to ease any tensions and solve potential problems before they become major issues of concern. Patient Representatives also make sure families have all the available resources they may need.

Family Advisory Council
The Family Advisory Council is composed of family members of patients and hospital staff to provide feedback, guidance and creativity, ensuring that the voice of families is heard in decisions that can impact them. This group also brings you CarePages - a free website to stay connected with friends, family and colleagues before, during and after a healthcare challenge.

Youth Advisory Council
The Youth Advisory Council is made up of patients and siblings of patients who have been hospitalized at Children’s Colorado and have the desire to create a better world for pediatric patients in the hospital.

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