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Bereavement Videos for Families and Healthcare Professionals

Children's Hospital Colorado’s bereavement program, the Colors of Healing, is here to support families who are grieving. In addition to in-person support groups, workshops, programs and other bereavement resources, we also offer video resources to help families with their grief while at home.

By sharing these videos that were made by bereaved parents, for bereaved parents, we hope families find solidarity and strength in knowing they are not alone.

Bereavement videos to watch online

As a bereaved parent, your loss and your pain is unique, but grief is universal. And in grief, solidarity can be a source of strength.

In the following videos, two bereaved parents share their stories of loss:

  • To illustrate how a loss affects people in different, yet profound ways
  • To help others who are grieving find solace and support in knowing they’re not alone
  • To help other bereaved parents recognize that the emotions they feel— fear, disbelief, anger or anything else — are universal parts of the grieving process
  • To show the different ways a mother and a father navigate and understand their grief

A Mother’s Grief: Rachael’s Hero

This video provides an intimate look at a mother’s grief with the hope that bereaved mothers can find solidarity in knowing that they’re not alone.

A Father’s Grief: Choosing Compassion

This video shows how the loss of his son affects a father over time. A dad shares his experience of losing a child and the wisdom he gained that helped him manage his grief and anger.

Bereavement videos to watch at home

We understand that it’s hard to talk about losing a child, which is why we created these video resources to help when you can’t find the right words to say. We hope bereaved parents can turn to these video resources to help their family, friends and loved ones understand their grief experience.

The following videos are available in digital and DVD formats at no cost to parents.

The cover of a booklet with a crayon style blue color background and painter's pallette  with the words "Grieving and Hope. Living with the death of your child. The Children's Hospital Colors of Health Bereavement Program" below it.

Grieving and Hope: Living With the Death of Your Child

This video aims to lessen the isolation felt by parents who have had a child die: isolation from the world of non-bereaved parents, isolation from family and isolation from friends.

The video content reinforces that parents are not alone in their struggle to move toward a “new normal.” By showing this video to family members and friends, bereaved parents can encourage their understanding of the parents’ grief.

The cover of a booklet with a crayon style green color background and painter's pallette  with the words "A Dad's Journey Through Grief. The Children's Hospital Colors of Health Bereavement Program" below it.

A Dad's Journey Through Grief

This film was made by bereaved fathers for bereaved fathers. It demonstrates how fathers follow their own path as they journey through the grief of losing a child.

Bereaved families can show “A Dad’s Journey Through Grief” to encourage their family members’ and friends’ understanding of a father's grief, as well as offer women insight into a male's experience.

Tender Healing: A Sibling's Journey Through Grief

The cover of a booklet with a crayon style yellow color background and painter's pallette  with the words "Tender Healing. A Sibling's Journey Through Grief. The Children's Hospital Colors of Health Bereavement Program" below it.

This video is for children of all ages who have suffered the loss of a sibling. It offers a glimpse into the often-overlooked perspective of grieving children with the hope that they will realize they are not alone. Understanding that every child's grief is unique, the film communicates how brothers and sisters can deal with their complex emotions, cope with the day-to-day pain of facing death at a young age and honor and remember their siblings.

With inspirational insights tenderly conveyed through the voices of children, this short film can be a resource to help parents recognize and understand the fears, confusion and grieving behaviors of their surviving children.

How to order bereavement films

Our bereavement coordinator is available to support parents and families during this difficult time. Parents can gain access to these free bereavement videos by calling 720-777-6978.

If you’d like digital access to one or more of these videos, leave a message with your name, phone number, email address and indicate which videos you would like.

If you’d like to order DVD copies of the bereavement videos for at-home use, call the bereavement coordinator and leave a message with your name, address and phone number. We will mail your requested videos as soon as possible.

Bereavement resources for healthcare professionals

We also offer these three bereavement videos to health professionals for the minimal cost of $10. To order, please print and send in the order form (.PDF), along with payment.