Children's Hospital Colorado

Unique Artwork

Children's Hospital Colorado uses the positive distractions provided by art to help kids heal. Research shows that looking art based on nature helps reduce stress. Images such as water, trees and outdoor spaces reduce anxiety and pain. And studies show that providing interactive opportunities for kids reduces their stress and anxiety. It is with this knowledge that our hospital uses are to bring the outdoors inside.

In particular, the art focuses on Colorado and the west by incorporating colors, materials, geography, cultural heritage and other qualities unique to the region. This provides a fun and familiar, yet new, experience for patients and families no matter how often they are here.

A close-up of white marigold flowers with yellow centers in a bed of green leaves.

True Colorado Beauty

Colorado, known for its diverse terrain, fields of wildflowers, rushing waterfalls, rolling plains and soaring mountains, is beautiful. No one captures the true beauty and essence of Colorado like John Fielder. Many Fielder images are displayed inside the new hospital in various formats to promote a healthy, healing and uplifting environment.

  • Rustic Indian paintbrush, marsh marigolds, purple Columbines, rocks with lichen, moss campion and colorful aspen leaves brighten vinyl tiles in the schematic flooring of the Fresh Market Place cafe.
  • Trees dusted with fresh Colorado snow, mountain meadow scenes and aspen trees are etched into glass partitions throughout the hospital, adding to the spirit that is Colorado.
  • The photos highlight the region and the natural elements provide comfort and help kids heal more quickly.

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Abstract floor art that is mostly light blue with two pink half-circles, two small blue birds, a tan and blue butterfly and a tan and blue sun.

Functional Art

To engage and delight children and adults, they will be greeted by the one-of-a-kind the terrazzo floor of Boettcher Atrium. Designed with the positive effects of discovery in mind, this provides a playful guide for families to find their way to the elevators. Along their way, the floor provides an opportunity for kids to discover hidden treasures, both large and small.

Designed by Carolyn Braaksma, nationally acclaimed public artist whose work includes the artistic treatment of the B Concourse at Denver International Airport , the terrazzo floor is a mesmerizing maze of colors, intricate shapes and inspiring images. Visible from all 4 levels of Boettcher atrium, the floor consists of a variety of glass, marble, stone, mother of pearl and plastic chips.

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Artwork that is light blue with a white rectangle in the middle and different sized snowflakes in various shades of blue.

Discoveries a Mile High

Larry Kirkland, nationally-renowned artist, challenges patients, families and staff to look beyond the glass, and to reflect on the different colors and objects in his designs. The decorative glass, designed on seven large, 20 by 30-feet panels, incorporates color, geography, activity and other hidden surprises.

Inside the large butterflies, sunflowers, trout, night sky, horses and snowflakes are smaller, hidden images including musical instruments, animals, athletes and shapes. Kirkland's designs encourage kids to linger and discover new surprises every time they pass by. This sense of discovery gives kids a chance for fun and laughter while they're here.

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A close-up of the glass artwork in the chapel at Children's Hospital Colorado, which is blue on top and green on the bottom with glass lines cutting through it diagonally and horizontally.

Colorful Chapel Glass Inspires with Light

Spirituality is a pathway to meaning, hope, comfort and inner peace. Many people find spirituality through religion, and some find it through the expression of their faith, and some find it through art or a connection with nature. Patients, families, volunteers and staff have the opportunity to establish a spiritual connection inside the Chapel at Children's Hospital Colorado. The Chapel features beautiful art glass, designed and hand-made by Richard Parrish, artist and architect at Fusio Studio, Inc. in Bozeman, Montana.

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