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What Parents Need to Know About Current Respiratory Viruses

Hospitals and healthcare providers across the country are seeing an unusual influx of patients who have symptoms of respiratory illnesses. These respiratory illnesses seem to exacerbate symptoms of asthma, especially in children, and are contagious. Simply put, this is an uncommon strain of a respiratory virus that is hitting particularly hard and early this year.

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"Broncos Go!" Patient Writes Lyrics for Hospital Music Video

As the excitement builds for Denver Broncos football season, we’re cheering for the home team and for a special patient named Daniel. Hundreds of staff, patients and visitors gathered to make a music video of "Broncos Go!", a parody of the song "Let it Go" from the movie Frozen. Daniel Hailpern, a patient at our Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, wrote the new lyrics as part of a contest.

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Hey, Look Outside...It's a Superhero!

Nothing brightens up a day in the hospital like superheroes out your window! Batman, Robin, Spider-Woman and Captain America surprised patients by rappelled from our rooftop. Kids watched in awe as the Aurora SWAT team, dressed as superheroes, scaled down the building and waved to the patients inside.

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