Stories of Getting Better at Children's Hospital Colorado

Back in the Saddle After a Blood Disorder Diagnosis

India is diagnosed with a blood condition called Bernard-Soulier

There is no small procedure when it's your child.
by Toni, mother of 10-year-old India

Here we were: I, my husband, India—not yet two—and our newborn baby, walking into the hematology/oncology department of Children's Hospital Colorado. What started as a few lingering bruises, became half a dozen or more blood draws in Grand Junction, and then being referred to a specialist at Children's Hospital Colorado in Denver.

A blood draw is just not as simple it sounds

I was scared. I know India was scared, but for different reasons. Some of her prior blood draws had been painful. So, she was not looking forward to another. But, the staff at Children's Hospital Colorado was so warm and reassuring. The nurse who did the blood draw explained everything to India, including that she was using a baby-sized needle, so it shouldn't hurt at all—and it didn't!

With Children's Hospital Colorado, we knew we were in good hands. Our meeting with Dr. Taru Hays was thorough, very informative, and relaxed. She sat down, explained the condition, invited questions, and spoke directly to India. I was so used to having all questions directed to me, and I was really impressed to see India treated as the primary contact by everyone there.

Back in the saddle

India, now 10 years old, is doing great. Her condition is one that just needs to be monitored annually, and we were given the choice to do that in our hometown. But, once we experienced the wonderful staff, special needles, and how much more comfortable India was at Children's Hospital Colorado, we have no reason not to come back every year.

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