Epispadias: How We Treat

How is epispadias treated?

The primary goal of treatment is to create typical-looking external genitalia that functions well.

In boys, surgical treatment is performed to maximize penile length and function by correcting the bend in the penis and moving the urethra so the boy pees from the end of the penis.

In girls, this means fusing the clitoris, moving the urethra and repairing the bladder’s control mechanism to prevent urinary leaking.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for your child’s epispadias?

At Children’s Hospital Colorado we have an experienced multidisciplinary team that is used to helping children with complex urological problems. We have a group of experienced urologists who were trained in centers with worldwide reputations for treating epispadias. We work closely with the Orthopedic department at Children’s Colorado to resolve orthopedic concerns that epispadias patients have. In addition, we have set up support groups to help patients come to terms with the complex issues they may face as they go through childhood into adulthood.