Interstitial Lung Disease: How We Treat

How is interstitial lung disease treated?

The Breathing Institute treats patients with rare lung disease

Early diagnosis is helpful to guide the best treatment for all types of chILD. Currently, there is no definitive cure for most types of chILD, though there are many available therapies that may decrease the disease progression or improve symptoms.

Most treatment approaches are directed toward improving quality of life and include oxygen therapy and an individual nutrition plan to encourage growth and weight gain.

Doctors may also recommend devices or techniques to help relieve obstruction or clear mucus congestion in the lungs, like a vest that moves mucus to the upper airways where patients can cough it up.  

Doctors may prescribe medications to treat chILD. Corticosteroids and intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) are often used to reduce lung inflammation in certain types of chILD. The use of other medications depends on the type of chILD.

In severe cases that don’t responded to other treatments, a lung transplant may be an option. In some types of chILD with a high risk of death, lung transplants are the only effective treatment.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for your child’s interstitial lung disease?

The Children's Hospital Colorado Children’s Interstitial Lung Disease (chILD) Program is one of the leading referral centers in the world for children with these rare lung conditions.

Research in our hospital and in national collaboration with other pediatric ILD centers has led to the recognition and understanding of many new ILD disorders in children. One of the most important aspects of chILD is to get the diagnosis and all the tests right. Our center is world renowned for this ability and provides consultation for patients around the world.

Our physicians are leaders in the National chILD Research Collaborative, which consists of pediatric lung, pathology and radiology specialists in North America, who are committed to improving the care for children with these conditions.

The Children's Colorado chILD Program has advanced protocols for children related to CT scans, infant pulmonary function testing, bronchoscopy and lung biopsies. Our physicians have grants to study and find new treatments and cures for chILD.

We also provide resources for other healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat children’s ILD.

Multidisciplinary team
Our multidisciplinary care team of pediatric lung specialists, pathologists, radiologists, nutritionists, social workers and nurse specialists brings a wide range of experience and expertise. Our goal is to create the most individualized ILD care plan possible for your child and family. Multidisciplinary care is critical to meet the needs of our patients as they manage these complicated conditions.