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Tetralogy of Fallot: Treatment

How is tetralogy of fallot treated?

Surgery is the only definitive treatment for children with tetralogy of fallot. At Children's Hospital Colorado's Heart Institute, our doctors will likely schedule your child’s surgery by the time he or she turns 1 year old.

During the surgery, a pediatric cardiac surgeon will fix the hole between the ventricles (the ventricular septal defect) using a patch. The surgeon will also widen the pulmonary artery and fix any problems with the pulmonary valve. This repair will help more blood reach the lungs. The entire procedure is known as intra-cardiac repair.

If your child is too ill or too small for intra-cardiac repair, surgeons will create a temporary solution called a shunt. This is a bypass from the aorta to the pulmonary artery, which will increase blood flow to the lungs until your child is big enough for the final procedure.

Your pediatric cardiologist at the Heart Institute will want to monitor your child for many years after the surgery to make sure there are no changes in your child’s heart.

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