Brain Injury: How We Treat

How is a brain injury treated?

There are multiple programs available at Children’s Hospital Colorado for the treatment of a brain injury. For milder brain injuries (also called concussions), we have a separate Concussion Program for kids, adolescents and young athletes. For more severe brain injuries, we have a large Inpatient Brain Injury Program staffed by a multidisciplinary group of physicians, nurses, therapists and other clinicians specifically trained in the care of children with brain injuries.

In addition, after your child is discharged from the hospital, he or she will transition to a specialty Outpatient Brain Injury Program designed to provide follow-up care, long-term treatment, and guide your child and family through the recovery process.

For patients who have long-term problems, we continue to see them on a regular basis in our Outpatient Brain Injury Program with a goal of maximizing their capabilities and health. In addition, our social services experts are involved in the overall treatment plans, as we know that such complex injuries impact the whole family.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for your child’s brain injury?

What makes the Children’s Colorado Brain Injury Program unique is our individualized approach to patient care. Every member of our large, multidisciplinary team is involved in the treatment and care of your child by contributing their unique areas of pediatric expertise. We, as a group, will work tirelessly to help your child and family through the recovery process both while you’re here in the hospital and after in our Outpatient Brain Injury Clinic.

Members of our care team are experts in this field and provide brain injury care on a daily basis. The comprehensive care and expertise we offer is unmatched in our region, and we strive to help children with brain injuries heal and lead as normal and healthy life as possible.