Cough: How We Treat

How is coughing treated?

The Breathing Institute at Children's Hospital Colorado

The treatment for a cough depends on what causes it. Coughing is a normal part of a cold or other lung infection and should not be suppressed. Over-the-counter cough medicines are not beneficial for children and are not approved for children under the age of 4. Using room humidifiers and encouraging children to drink fluids can be helpful in thinning out lung secretions. For children over the age of 1, a teaspoon of honey can soothe a cough. Avoiding tobacco smoke is important for all children.

Cough caused by asthma  is often treated with inhalers or breathing treatments.

If the cough is caused by another condition, the treatment will vary based on the best treatments available for that particular condition. Please see Conditions We Treat  for more information about health issues that may be affecting your child’s cough.

Why choose Children’s Hospital Colorado for your child’s cough?

Children's Colorado Breathing Institute's mission is to provide comprehensive clinical care and expert consultation for children with common and complex breathing problems.

Areas of nationally recognized expertise include asthma , cystic fibrosis , airway anomalies and disease, pulmonary hypertension, apnea and sleep-disordered breathing, primary ciliary dyskinesia and children's interstitial lung disease. Children's Colorado has the depth and breadth of experience to treat the broad spectrum of all breathing conditions in children.

Families benefit from our team approach to breathing disorder treatment and our access to the latest in diagnostic testing for both infants and older children. Our experienced staff of pediatric specialists includes physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, dietitians, social workers and respiratory therapists. Our collaborative approach to asthma, breathing and lung care encourages and facilitates family involvement.