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Addressing Community Health Needs

At Children's Hospital Colorado, we know that every child's well-being is deeply connected to the health and wellness of the community. We understand that we can't provide complete care for our children if we don't also understand and care for our local neighborhoods. We can't support thriving kids without nurturing thriving communities.

Community Health Needs

We also know that children have many influences in their lives and that every adult who comes into contact with a child has a unique perspective on what that child needs to thrive. To help us understand how to best serve our community, we've been hard at work this past year collecting public health and demographic data, interviewing public health experts and healthcare providers, conducting focus groups with caregivers and gathering input from hundreds of parents and caregivers through an online survey. This work culminated in a report called a Community Health Needs Assessment, or CHNA.

Community Health Needs Assessment

We're pleased to share our 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment, where we identify child health priorities in our community and a framework in which to guide our work. Thanks to this assessment, we now have better insight into the challenges facing children in our immediate community, across Colorado and in our seven-state region.

Download the Children's Hospital Colorado 2018 Community Health Needs Assessment

Through this process, our community helped us identify several priorities for child health:


Community Health Action Plan

In response to findings from Community Health Needs Assessments, Children's Colorado develops Community Health Action Plans defining how we will address these child health challenges over the next three years. The strategies and programs outlined in the action plan demonstrate our ongoing commitment to children, families, partnerships with local businesses, health organizations and our community.

Download the 2019 Community Health Action Plan

The Community Health Action Plan fulfills the Affordable Care Act requirement to develop a plan to meet the needs identified in our Community Health Needs Assessment.

We welcome your questions or feedback about our Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Health Action Plan. Please share your comments by email to Julie Beaubian, community health manager, at, or by phone at 720-777-8780.

Community benefit activities

As a nonprofit pediatric hospital, our bottom line is kids. This means that any positive hospital revenue is reinvested into the health and well-being of children.

Putting that work into numbers isn't easy. However, in 2018, Children's Colorado reported more than $182 million in community benefit activities — that is, activities we conducted as a hospital that went beyond caring for patients and made an impact on our community at large. This includes everything from dental screening and immunization clinics for kids, to financial counseling and car seat education for parents.

Download our complete report below, or read on to learn about our many community resources.

Download Children's Colorado's 2018 Community Benefit Report

How we’re improving community health

Our support for kids begins before they’re even born. By providing services for pregnant mothers, we help ensure moms have the best chance for a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. After they’re born, we support kids in our community through early childhood and into their school and high-school years.

Here are some of the many of the ways we support kids and families in our communities:

Illustration showing a healthy pregnant mom at a vegetable stand at the farmer’s market.

Pregnancy and prenatal care

We create a supportive environment for adolescent parents, empowering them to become successful parents and productive adults. Our Young Mother’s Clinic at the Children's Colorado Health Pavilion cares for pregnant young women, giving baby and mom and healthy start.

The Grow and Smile Program provides young parents with dental care and education about dental health, growth and development, nutrition and feeding practices for their babies.

Illustration showing a baby crawling in their nursery.

Early childhood

Through breastfeeding support, car seat inspections, dental screenings and preventive services for infants and toddlers in the Cavity Free at Three clinic, we provide a host of free and subsidized services to help keep kids healthy and safe.

Our Child Health Clinic screens families for challenges related to access to healthcare, housing, food, safety and finances. Then we connect them with resources to help provide a safe, stable and nurturing environment for their child.

We promote safe sleep by training families on safe sleep practices and providing Pack ‘n Play cribs at no cost.

In 2018, our advocacy team worked to strengthen newborn screening programs to ensure timely connection to healthcare.

Illustration showing a school-age girl skipping rope in her neighborhood.

School age

We partner with 349 schools and child care programs around the state to provide expert school nursing services to more than 77,000 children and young adults.

We help kids with nutrition and physical activity through cooking classes, bicycle programs and a summer camp for adolescents and teens at risk of summer weight gain.

We partner with Aurora Public Schools to provide in-school programs for healthy eating, physical activity, mental health and injury prevention, as well as our specialized Medical Day Treatment program.

Illustration showing teenage girl next to her car in front of her high school.

High school and beyond

We promote safe driving at area high schools and peer-to-peer teen driving events.

Our Adolescent Medicine Clinic provides physical, behavioral and sexual healthcare for thousands of tweens and teens, the majority of whom are insured by Medicaid.

Our sexual and reproductive health educator presents at schools and manages an anonymous text line to reach youth at risk for sexual health conditions.

The Medical Career Collaborative provides opportunities for high schoolers to start careers in health, medicine and biosciences.

Our Mental Health Youth Action Board empowers local teens to create an arts-based community project and to develop social-emotional toolkits for teens.

To help prevent suicide, our Emergency Department provides counseling and lock boxes to families whose kids are at risk for self-harm. This evidence-based program focuses on identifying at-risk teens and reducing their access to lethal means.

Our goal is for every kid to have the opportunity for a bright and healthy future. Because every child – regardless of where they live or their social circumstances – deserves it.

These reports summarize Children's Colorado's past community benefit activities.