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Conversations can be healing. We’ve seen it happen. So when a family receives a new diagnosis, we connect them with a family who's been there.

Watch their conversations. They all have something to give: whether it's hope, a helpful tip or even answers to questions no one knew to ask.

Sharing and listening

A meaningful conversation has the power to heal. We've seen it make families feel heard, comforted and validated.

Connecting families

A new diagnosis can be overwhelming. But hearing authentic stories from real parents helps families feel less alone.

One mom connects with another mom over their journeys at Children's Hospital Colorado.
Honest conversations. Powerful connections.
Teenage athlete Erin, who tore her ACL, hears about what she can expect on her ACL surgery and recovery journey.
"Why not take advantage of research that shows the best recovery?"
Carolyn knows the challenge of sports injury recovery. She tore her ACL last year but is now back on the field and sharing her journey. Learn about ACL tears, surgery and recovery from a teen who has been through it.
Two girls with asthma sit on a couch with their moms connecting over their asthma treatment journeys at Children's Hospital Colorado.
Helping Kids Breathe Easier
Angela, a mom of two daughters with asthma, shares her family's experience to help Claudia with Yaretzi's journey.
Jessika and her mom listen to Mona's mom talk about Mona's bariatric surgery experience
The Connection Journey: Bariatric Surgery
Mona tells Jessika about the increased energy level and improved health she's experienced after bariatric surgery.
Sandi and Karsang talk to Gabriela and Adrian about their experience with their daughter's cloaca.
The Connection Journey: Cloaca
Sandy and Karsang share their experience with cloaca, answering questions and providing reassurance to Gabriela and Adrian about the journey that lies ahead.
Lianna, who is being treated for seizures at Children's Hospital Colorado, sitting in a room.
Freedom From Seizures
Madeleine tells Lianna about the new world that's opened up after her surgery.
Kara holds her son Jaxon, who is being treated for HLHS at Children's Hospital Colorado.
Giving Hope a Heartbeat
After a devastating diagnosis, there still can be hope.
Growing Through Scoliosis Surgery
Jessica and her parents share their spine surgery experience with Emily and her dad as they prepare for her upcoming scoliosis surgery.
Lora talks about her experience with Children's Hospital Colorado when her two daughters had tonsillectomies.
The Connection Journey: Tonsillectomy
Lora gives Meghan advice on getting through the rough nights.
Nicole, treated for TTTS at Children's Colorado, sits with her school-age twin girls.
The Connection Journey: Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS)
Nicole and Ari share their experience with TTTS, offering hope as Alyssa and Mark navigate their unborn babies' TTTS journey.
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