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We believe that every child should have access to our high-quality care. That’s why we offer telehealth, or virtual visits, to families who might live far away or prefer to receive care from the comfort and privacy of home. Even some examinations and tests can be done virtually at your local clinic or hospital, which saves time and money for families who live far away.

Our HIPAA-compliant, encrypted video technology protects your privacy and is easy to use. Plus, we offer telehealth across every one of our specialties and clinics – meaning no matter what illness or injury your child has, telehealth might be an option for your child’s care.

How virtual healthcare works


Telehealth, sometimes called telemedicine or a virtual doctor visit, is a video-based appointment with a member of your child’s care team using medical-grade, HIPAA-compliant tools. Telehealth provides best-practice medical care for patient visits or education at a time and place most convenient for the family.

Virtual appointments can take place in your home or with help from a local provider, such as your local pediatrician, partner health clinic or hospital. Medical staff who work for the partner clinic or hospital near your home will help us during the video visit. We make sure that they have the training they need to use our technology effectively.

To get started, we’ll help you download our telehealth software to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The best way to access the system is through MyChart (our patient portal), so we can help you set that up too. We’ll provide hands-on training in the form of a “tech check” to make sure you are set up prior to your appointment, and then you’ll be ready to get started.

Questions? Take a look at our telehealth FAQ, or watch the video below to learn about the benefits of virtual appointments and how to set up a visit with one of our specialists.

What to do before your virtual visit

The checklists below can help you prepare for your virtual appointment, whether it's at home or from your local pediatrician's office, partner health clinic or hospital:

For more information on how to prepare for your child's virtual visit, download our tip sheet: 

Technical support and contact information

Interested in a telehealth appointment? Talk with your provider or clinic scheduler. We’re able to conduct telehealth visits, where appropriate, in every clinic and specialty we offer.

For patients and families

  • Interested in a virtual appointment? Contact your child's clinic or department. We’re able to conduct telehealth visits, when appropriate, in every clinic and specialty we offer.
  • For patients and families using telehealth at home, call 720-777-6939 for technical help with MyChart.

For healthcare professionals and partner organizations

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Telehealth jumps from 100 visits to 6,000 visits during COVID-19

mayo 12, 2020

Thousands of patients across southern Colorado were able to access the care they needed through telehealth during Colorado’s Stay-At-Home order. Greg Raymond, COO of Children’s Colorado’s Southern Region, explains how telehealth is changing the pediatric care landscape.

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Telehealth benefits physical rehab providers during COVID-19

mayo 12, 2020

Dr. Wendy Pierce treats many patients with physical mobility challenges. During the coronavirus pandemic, telehealth allowed her to gain a better understanding of her patients’ unique movements around their homes.

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Telehealth enables critical appointments to continue during COVID-19

mayo 11, 2020

Since a car accident two years ago, Marissa Ferris has been a regular patient in our neurology and rehabilitation departments. When Colorado’s Stay-at-Home order required the reduction of in-person doctor appointments, Marissa was still able to meet with our team and receive the care she needed – without delay – over telehealth.