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We care for patients’ growing muscles, joints and bones through sports medicine, surgery, rehabilitation and research.

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At Children's Hospital Colorado, we're committed to helping all healthcare professionals improve the quality of life for children with orthopedic conditions. Get the latest in pediatric orthopedics to better your practice and learn about innovation within our various programs.

Referral and care guidelines

These guidelines can help determine the best approach to the treatment of your patients or when to refer to a specialist.

Back pain referral guidelines

Concussion clinical care guidelines

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Research articles and summaries

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Research article

A return to the operating room for malpositioned screws happens in up to 3% of scoliosis cases. We’re using robot-assisted surgery to reduce complications.

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Research summary
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Professional resources

Charting Pediatrics is a weekly podcast for pediatric healthcare providers. In this series, specialists from Children's Hospital Colorado examine the latest treatments for the most common complaints in pediatric medicine. Listen and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

Repeat Concussion and Sports Retirement Case Study

How many concussions are too many for a young athlete? When should sport retirement be considered? In today's episode we are going to look at the case of a high school athlete as the basis for exploring these questions with Julie Wilson, MD.

Scoliosis Diagnosis and Management

Scoliosis management will vary according to each patient's unique situation and presentation. Mark Erickson, MD, Medical Director of Children's Colorado's Spine Program, joins us to discuss the diagnosis and treatment of scoliosis.

Hip Pain in Children Diagnosis and Management

In this episode, Stephanie Mayer, MD, shares insights on diagnosing hip pain in pediatric patients. We're discussing this issue from its symptoms and causes to how to manage hip pain.

Pediatric orthopedics experts at our Orthopedics Institute is constantly pushing boundaries to discover and implement the safest and most effective treatments. In our educational video series, Children's Colorado providers discuss how we’re advancing the field of orthopedics.

Advances in Orthopedic Surgery

Pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Mark Erickson explains how we’re applying innovations to provider training, patient education and the operating room.

Pediatric sports medicine residencies

We offer multiple residencies for providers to care for young athletes while learning from our pediatric sports medicine specialists.

Athletic Training Residency

Sports Physical Therapy Residency

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