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In the Department of Nephrology at Children's Hospital Colorado, we strive to get patients back where they belong: home. And while the outcomes for our patients consistently meet or exceed national benchmarks, our work is far from done.

Our commitment to continually raising the standard of kidney care makes research and innovation a vital part of what we do. We collaborate with other disciplines and institutions to share data, identify best practices and improve approaches to care.

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Research Article

Due to his medical conditions, LaShawn was highly sensitized. His antibody level was so high that it was delaying the double transplant surgery he needed to survive. Learn about the plan these doctors devised and how they carried it out.

Clinical Trial

A clinical trial to look at the use of a new treatment for children and adolescents with atypical haemolytic uraemic syndrome

Atypical Haemolytic Uraemic Syndrome
At least 28 days old and over 5 kg

Pediatric nephrology advancements

Our physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and other nephrology team members conduct every form of research. This includes performing laboratory-based research investigating the causes of many different pediatric kidney diseases, applying these new insights from the laboratory to pediatric patients through clinical and translational research, and conducting clinical trials investigating new treatments for these diseases. They also work on collaborative research studying the best management and outcomes of our pediatric kidney disease, pediatric kidney transplant and pediatric dialysis populations.

"Every new research question; every new experiment, study, or clinical trial; every new result, discovery, or insight – they all come from our deep-seated drive to help make the children better that we see in the hospital and in our clinics every single day.”
Bradley Dixon, MD

What our kidney research means for kids

Scientists in our Kidney Center have many research interests spanning a broad range of basic science and clinical areas. These projects include:

Our current research

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