Children's Hospital Colorado

Public Meeting: 2024 Community Benefit and Hospital Transformation Program

As a nonprofit pediatric hospital, our bottom line is kids. This means that any positive hospital revenue is reinvested into the health and well-being of children. Read more about how we address community health needs.

The Hospital Community Benefit Accountability initiative requires nonprofit tax-exempt hospitals in Colorado to complete a community health needs assessment and a community health implementation strategy every three years, with the goal of understanding and responding to the health and social needs of the communities we serve. The Hospital Transformation Program (HTP) is a statewide Colorado Medicaid initiative designed to improve the quality of hospital care by tying provider fee-funded hospital payments to quality-based performance. The program aims to improve patient outcomes, lower Medicaid costs, and prepare hospitals for a value-based payment model over five years. Community engagement is a cornerstone of both initiatives, which require hospitals to incorporate the voices and needs of organizations that serve and represent the broad interests of their community on an ongoing basis.

You are invited to join us at one of our annual Community Benefit HTP public meetings where we will share the hospital's current initiatives and listen to community voices. They will be held virtually on Zoom and language options are available. 

Public meeting times:  

2024 Community Benefit and Hospital Transformation Program, Denver Metro 

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

2024 Community Benefit and Hospital Transformation Program, Southern Colorado 

Thursday, May 23, 2024