Children's Hospital Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance, Billing and Payment

During your visit with Children's Hospital Colorado, we do our best to welcome you and ensure the best care for your child. We also want to try to make the billing and insurance process as seamless as possible.

When you get care from us, we'll bill your insurance first. Any amount your insurance doesn't cover then becomes your bill. How much your insurance covers really depends on your plan, but most private insurance plans work in similar ways. Contact your insurance company for info about your specific network and plan.

In general, though, most private insurance covers certain services, like doctor's appointments and prescriptions, by copay, which means you always pay a fixed amount.

After your visit, please contact us with any questions regarding insurance, billing or payments. You can reach Patient Financial Services at 720-777-6422 if your question cannot be answered from the information below.

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