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Sports Articles and Advice for Young Athletes

Crossing the finish line, scoring the goal, sticking the landing – sports can bring unforgettable moments to the lives of athletes. However, there is a lot of work required before reaching those exciting milestones. Our Sports medicine experts are here to support you every step, basket, flip or pirouette of the way.

Whether you’re an athlete, an athletic coach or a parent of an athlete, we have sports advice to help you succeed. From nutrition that will help fuel you for the game to information on how to treat concussions, our sports medicine experts are here to help.

Recent Sports Articles

Building a High Performance Lunch for Athletes

Easy tips for packing a nutritious lunch that can boost sports performance for the young athlete.

Preventing Youth Sports Injury: How Strength Conditioning Helps

Complete prevention of youth sports injuries isn’t possible but incorporating strength and conditioning can help. Additionally, reinjury can occur if an athlete returns to play to soon after injury.

Why Growth Plate Injuries Are a Risk for Young Athletes

Growth plates add length to the long bones of the arms and legs. During adolescence, when they’re growing fastest, they’re also most susceptible to injury.

Performance Enhancement in Youth Sports

Sports performance enhancement is different than performance-enhancing drugs. And actually, performance enhancement can provide several benefits for young athletes.

Proper Youth Strength and Conditioning Preparation for Athletes

A solid understanding of good movement patterns and strength and conditioning techniques can help young athletes reduce their risk of injury. From easy skills drills to basic weightlifting tips, here’s how to start.