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A teenage soccer player kicks the ball sideways in the air.

Sports Articles

Crossing the finish line, scoring the goal, sticking the landing – sports can bring unforgettable moments to the lives of athletes. However, there is a lot of work required before reaching those exciting milestones. Our Sports medicine experts are here to support you every step, basket, flip or pirouette of the way.

Whether you’re an athlete, an athletic coach or a parent of an athlete, we have sports advice to help you succeed. From nutrition that will help fuel you for the game to information on how to treat concussions, our sports medicine experts are here to help.

Recent Sports Articles

Emotional Effects of Concussion

Along with the common physical symptoms of a concussion, young athletes may experience emotional changes. The emotional effects of concussions differ from patient to patient, which is why monitoring and proper care are so important. Learn more here.

Return to Play After a Concussion

Experts at our Concussion Program talk about rest, recovery and minimizing the risk for Second Impact syndrome in children with concussions. Learn which tools and tests are used to determine if your child can return to play after a concussion.

Concussion Facts for Families with Young Athletes

Looking for concussion facts and resources you can rely on? Learn about concussions, myths to avoid, long-term effects and treatment options from our team of experts.

Sleep for Student Athletes Impacts Performance

Sleep for student athletes is connected to performance, risk of injury and even illness. Learn more about how sleep impacts your student athlete and what you can do to improve their sleep habits.

The Psychology of Recovering from a Sports Injury

Our pediatric sports experts know that psychological healing is key to recovering from a sports injury. Learn how we support physical and mental health.