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Help Us Address Colorado’s Youth Mental Health Crisis

What we're seeing

We have reached a critical juncture in our ability to address the pediatric mental health crisis. Suicide is the leading cause of death for kids starting at age 10 in Colorado, and thoughts of suicide or a suicide attempt are among the top reasons that patients come to our emergency departments.

The time to act is now.

How we're taking action

Children’s Hospital Colorado is taking the lead to address the child and youth mental health crisis in our state. And we’re just getting started.

Responding to kids in need.

We declared a youth mental health “state of emergency” and held a media town hall to sound the alarm.

Blazing a trail for kids

Children’s Colorado appointed Ron-Li Liaw, MD, as our inaugural Mental Health-in-Chief, the first known position of its kind at a children's hospital.

Fighting for kids everywhere

Our leaders joined the Children's Hospital Association and more than 200 children's hospitals across the nation in urging Congress to enact legislation and increase funding to address a nationwide mental health emergency in children and teens.

Five kids playing in a park

Proactive care for children

With our partners, we advocated for nearly $150 million in state funding to directly support children and youth mental health by investing in schools, primary care and the community, so children get the help they need before they experience a crisis.

Ways to help with children's mental health

Of course, our work is far from over. Now, we need your help to address Colorado’s youth mental health crisis. Fortunately, there are several ways you can get involved and make a difference.

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A better future for kids

Children can’t wait for a better mental health system. Help give our kids the care they need, when they need it.

Donate today

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Speak up for children’s mental health

We speak up loudly and clearly for kids’ mental health needs in public policy. Join us.

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Take action

A group of 9 kids - five in front and four in back - hold hands and walk in a grassy field with trees behind them. The kids are ages 4-15 and wearing brightly colored clothes in a variety of colors.

Crowdfund for a cause

Do you want to raise money for youth mental health and connect with your community? Start a crowdfunding project with Children’s Hospital Colorado Foundation.

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Fun and funds

Would you like a fancy night out or a thrilling bike ride in the mountains that also benefits children’s mental health? We have you covered.

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It's OK to not be OK

Watch and share this video to help us break the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Youth mental health in the news

  • 5280
    Colorado’s youth mental health crisis continues
    March 30, 2022

    Nearly a year ago, Children's Hospital Colorado declared a state of emergency for youth mental health. Unfortunately, the crisis is far from over. Vice President of Population Health and Advocacy Heidi Baskfield shares about the challenges kids are facing and how the incidence of depression, anxiety and self-harm continues to increase.

  • Colorado Newsline
    Caregiver loss during COVID-19
    March 01, 2022

    Since the pandemic began, more than 1,000 kids in Colorado have lost a caregiver to the virus. Dr. Ayelet Talmi shares about the long-lasting psychological impact of losing a parent.

  • The Gazette
    Children's mental health experts urge parents to check in with kids amid soaring rates of depression
    February 02, 2022

    Depression in kids has more than doubled during the pandemic. At a special town hall on mental health, Children's Colorado experts took questions from parents, offered tips and urged community members to check in with the adolescents and teenagers in their lives.