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At Children's Hospital Colorado, our goal is to improve healthcare technology and infrastructure, while inspiring the next generation of leaders in pediatric medicine. See how clinical teams from around our hospital are conducting research to change the future of caring for kids.

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Our research process: from the hospital to the lab

Child health research is at the core of our commitment to deliver the best clinical care for kids. During the research process, our scientists study the genetic, biologic and cellular mechanisms of disease, injury and repair. The discoveries from these studies are then translated into improved diagnostics and treatments, providing cutting-edge therapies to our patients.

Armed with new answers to the problems our patients face, we're constantly adapting our bedside protocols to deliver the best care.

Q: Advances and Answers in Pediatric Health

By prioritizing and advancing research, education, clinical work and process improvement, we're speeding the integration of our discoveries into the clinical engine, helping patients in new and innovative ways.

Read Q: to learn how our clinicians work together and across specialties to continually improve patient care and outcomes.

Looking for outcomes from a research study?

If your child participated in a research study at Children's Colorado, please visit for information regarding the outcomes. is intended under law to provide complete results, information and enhance patients' access to the results of clinical trials.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact the primary investigator and/or your child's doctor at Children's Colorado.

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