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Patient Referrals Toolkit

As referring providers, you're not only our partners in patient care, but instrumental members of our care team. And together we're able to provide the highest quality, most comprehensive patient care.


Because of our dedication to maintaining lasting, beneficial partnerships and supporting multidisciplinary care, we've made communication with our patients' referring providers a top priority.

To optimize the way we work and care for patients together, we've created a patient referral toolkit and implemented processes to:

  • Make it easy to refer your patient to Children's Hospital Colorado when necessary
  • Coordinate multiple appointments for complex patients through our concierge service called Multiple Appointment Resource Team (MART)
  • Facilitate two-way communication between referring providers and our specialists
  • Keep you informed of your patients' progress and care plan every step of the way, so you can smoothly navigate their transition back to your care
  • Provide coordinated care that's easier on parents, patients and providers

Refer a patient to Children's Colorado

We provide referring providers with support even before you make a referral.

Our referral guidelines help you provide the best possible care, choose the best approach for treatment and determine when it's time to refer to a specialist.

You can easily make a routine referral by submitting it directly to the specialty or department you need:

Use our Directory of Services to locate specific departments phone and fax numbers.

As a community provider, you can instruct a patient's family to contact us to schedule the appointment at 720-777-1234.

Request coordination of multiple appointments for your patient

Our Multiple Appointment Resource Team (MART) is a concierge service provided by Children's Colorado to assist with coordinating two or more outpatient appointments for patients.

MART provides patients, families and providers with a single point of contact to schedule appointments with two or more specialists. MART can also coordinate additional appointments with support departments, procedures and imaging.

With MART, patients can get the care they need at our hospital in the fewest trips possible. Our team works to schedule appointments within a convenient time period, which is usually about one to three days for patients traveling a far distance. The referral process is streamlined, giving you more time to care for your patients.

Contact MART

Phone: 720-777-3400
Fax: 720-777-7985

If you need to admit or transfer a patient directly to our hospital, simply call OneCall at 720-777-3999 or 719-305-3999 in Colorado Springs.

Your call will be answered by a pediatric nurse who can:

  • Facilitate admissions to any Children's Colorado location
  • Conference in the necessary provider(s)
  • Arrange transportation
  • Assist with any other patient referral or transfer needs


OneCall is the only phone call community providers need to make to consult a specialist, access our hospital resources or get your patients the care they need.

Call us through OneCall for 24-hour specialist consultation, ED or Urgent Care transfer, referral, admission, assistance with patient transport and diagnostic dilemmas.

Denver: 720-777-3999
Colorado Springs: 719-305-3999

Children’s Colorado Connect

Children's Colorado Connect is a web-based portal system that allows community providers and school nurses to access Children's Colorado's electronic health records (EHR) for shared patients.

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