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A young toddler is in focus with a white circle around her head and shoulders while the rest of the image is slightly out of focus. The girl has light brown hair in a high ponytail, is wearing a navy blue dress with pink bows, and is crying. Her mom is out of focus behind her with her hands on her head showing frustration. The mom is wearing a light blue button down and khaki pants. The rest of the background is their living room with a beige couch, brown diaper bag, toys on the floor, and an table with lamp, clock and travel coffee mug on it.

In this moment I will remember she's just a baby.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention

Your baby is crying. You try everything – feeding, changing, comforting – but nothing works. Your emotions rise and everything blurs. All you hear are the cries; all you see are the tears. In this moment, know that you are not alone, that this is normal, but that a single moment of losing your cool could change a life forever. In this moment, what will you do? 

Welcome to your first step in preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome. Here, you'll find tips, techniques and resources on staying calm and soothing your baby.

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Calming Techniques

Caring for a baby requires energy, patience and tolerance. Learn strategies for calming your baby, and yourself.

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Resources for Parents to help prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome including brochures, tips on calming your baby, lullabies, videos and a downloadable plan.

Campaign Materials

Resources for Healthcare Professionals to help prevent Shaken Baby Syndrome including brochures, tips on talking with parents and caregivers, facts, videos and speaker requests.